MANHATTAN - A federal judge refused to green-light an interim appeal from either party in the case where Occupy Wall Street protester Heather Carpenter accuses a New York City police officer of gratuitously grabbing her breast while arresting her.

     LUXEMBOURG - Hungary failed to challenge to Slovakia's listing in an EU database of the wine name 'Vinohradnicka oblas' Tokaj', the Court of Justice ruled Thursday.

     MANHATTAN - HarperCollins sued Sam Kashner its $50,000 advance, claiming he failed to deliver a biography of (nonparty) Cher, in New York County Supreme Court.

      LOS ANGELES - Trinity Broadcasting Network, a Christian TV chain, owes $90,108 for engineering work, claims Boettcher Engineering & Contracting, which also seeks punitive damages, in Superior Court.

     SAN DIEGO - San Diego Christian College fired a woman for becoming pregnant by premarital sex, she claims in Federal Court.

      HOUSTON - A man sued his ex for the return of the $28,000 engagement ring he gave her before she broke it off, in Harris County Court.

     PASADENA, Calif. - The 9th Circuit denied relief Thursday to Lydia Garcia-Milian, a Guatemalan woman who was allegedly raped because of her ex-husband's political ties, though the judge who would have granted her U.S. asylum voted in favor of a rehearing.

     PASADENA, Calif. - Orange County retirees failed to show that they have an implied vested right to the pooling of their health care premiums with those of current employees, the 9th Circuit ruled Thursday.

MINEOLA, N.Y. - Slomin's claims Envision Entertainment et al. owe it $80,000 for failing to place its security system in the movie, "Escape Plan," in Nassau County Supreme Court.