CINCINNATI - North College Hill, Ohio police Officer Ryan Schrand killed an unarmed asthmatic man who had broken no law by Tasering him in the chest, his family claims in Federal Court.

      GREEN BAY, Wisc. - Ariens Co., a snow blower maker, fired a good worker and immediately cut off her medical benefits because her husband got leukemia and his medicine would cost $12,000 a month, she claims in Federal Court.

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. - A Hasbro Super Soaker exploded and lacerated a man's eye, he claims in Federal Court.

      PITTSBURGH - Safeguard Properties hired John Bradley Duvall to break into a family's home and then sent him to photograph the damage, the homeowners claim in a federal RICO and collections complaint.

      MANHATTAN - Darryl Strawberry owes $13,700 for produce sold to Strawberry's Sports Grill before it closed 3 years ago, New V&J Produce claims in Federal Court.

     PORTLAND, Ore. - The Original Talk Radio Network claims Courtside LLC and Dial Global interfered with its relationships with (nonparties) Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham, in Federal Court.

      SAN ANTONIO - Nice Group USA fired a Catholic employee for objecting to its CEO's orders to attend "Landmark Forum" "cultlike" training, Robert Melenyzer claims in Federal Court.

     (CN) - James Gandolfini, who played conflicted Mafia kingpin Tony Soprano, then produced two well-received documentaries about war's effect on veterans, died Wednesday in Rome, apparently of a heart attack.

      MANHATTAN - Aozora Bank, of Japan, demands $115 million for fraudulent sale of CDOs, from JP Morgan Chase, Credit Agricole, Deutsche Bank, and UBS, in four complaints in New York County Supreme Court.

      WASHINGTON - The Defenders of Wildlife sued the Secretary of the Interior, challenging a decision to withdraw a proposal to list the dunes sagebrush lizard as an endangered species, in Federal Court.

     LOS ANGELES - Celebrity Chefs Tour claims Macy's, Whirlpool, et al. violate the "Great American Chefs Tour" trademark, in Federal Court.

      SAN FRANCISCO - The U.S. EPA refused its nondiscretionary duty to review and revise its national ambient air standards for ozone every 5 years, the Sierra Club, the National Lung Association et al. claim in Federal Court.

      WILMINGTON, Del. - Directors are selling Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. too cheaply through an unfair process to Apollo Tyres, for $35 a share or $2.5 billion, shareholder claim in Chancery Court.

      LOS ANGELES - Jeanette Buerling and Magnet Media Group claim Maggie Montieth et al. diverted money from production and distribution of the movie "Dark Tide," in Superior Court.