SPOKANE - Former Superintendent James Busey claims the Richland School District wrongfully fired him for having a consensual extramarital affair with a para-educator in the district, in Federal Court.

     INDIANAPOLIS - The Hoosier Environmental Council sued the Army Corps of Engineers in Federal Court to stop it from dumping 224,369 cubic yards of waste onto 1,000 acres, including wetlands, to build Interstate 69 between Evansville and Indianapolis.

     LOS ANGELES - IBM stiffs its California-based information-technology employees for overtime, a class action claims in Superior Court.

     CHICAGO - For the second time, the 7th Circuit refused to disturb the mail fraud convictions of three corrupt Chicago officials, Robert Sorich, Timothy McCarthy and Patrick Slattery.

     LOS ANGELES - Vinyl delaminates from the dashboard of the 2008 Ford Fusion and interferes with the operation of the passenger-side airbag, a class action claims in Superior Court.

     OMAHA - A worker for another company was "struck in the head by the severed head of a cow" while loading trucks at the Greater Omaha Packing Co.," he claims in Douglas County Court.

     MIAMI - Prestige Transportation Service fka Airbus fired an HR manager who objected to its telling her that allowing a black person to fill out a job application would be a "waste of paper," the EEOC claims in Federal Court.

     TAMPA - The Secretary of Commerce improperly refuses to protect the Caribbean electric ray under the Endangered Species Act, Wildearth Guardians claims in Federal Court.

     MANHATTAN - Figure skater Oksana Baiul demands $4 million from Stephen Disson and Disson Skating, claiming Disson defamed her in an interview with (nonparty) The New York Post, in New York County Supreme Court.

     TACOMA - A man claims he suffered a seizure during a Phase I clinical trial of an (unidentified) anti-obesity drug made by Merck/Schering-Plough, in Pierce County Court.

     WASHINGTON - Judicial Watch sued the State Department for "any and all" videos and photos of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, taken from Sept. 10-13, 2012, that were provided to the Accountability Review Board, in a federal FOIA complaint.

     BOSTON - Busy Life claims Hawthorne Direct dba Bitsandpieces.com sells a "3D Puzzle Maze Ball" game that violates copyright on Busy Life's "Perplexus," in Federal Court.