MANHATTAN - A federal class action claims Xerox Education Services fka ACS Education Services, and Wells Fargo Bank overcharged borrowers millions of dollars for student loans.

     MANHATTAN - Apple impermissibly "bundled" proposals to be voted on at the Feb. 27 shareholders meeting, including a "blank check" proposal on executive pay, shareholder Brian Gralnick claims in Federal Court.

     WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A policy that limits Palm Beach County inmates from receiving any mail other than postcards does not hamper free speech, a federal judge ruled.

     PHOENIX - VIP Products sued Heineken, claiming "its HeinieSniff'n name and mark for its novelty dog toy does not infringe or dilute any trademark rights," in Federal Court.

     SAN DIEGO - Advanced Auctions claims eBay violates its patent on "Real Time Auction With End Game," in Federal Court.

     BROWNSVILLE, Texas - Twenty workers and children claim Monsanto and its recruiters sent them from South Texas to Iowa to detassel corn, then stuffed them in substandard housing and didn't pay them the wages due and promised, in Federal Court.

     PORTLAND - Laloni Kay Chrisenson claims Campus Crusade for Christ's book "What God Wants for Christmas" violates her copyright on "Christ in Christmas," in Federal Court.

     LOS ANGELES - Twenty-seven people claim that Kevin A. Shields and Griffin Capital Corp. defrauded them of the $9.1 million they invested with him, in Superior Court.

      NEWARK - SeaCube Container Leasing is selling itself too cheaply through an unfair process to Ontario Ltd., for $23 per share or $469 million shareholders claim in Federal Court.

     BOSTON - Equity Residential Management defrauds renters in Boston's West End Apartments by charging them a nonrefundable $500 "move in" fee, a class action claims in Suffolk County Court.

     CHICAGO - Police should not have searched a blue Nissan, in which they found a pound of heroin, based on a registration record that said the car owned by Jesus Uribe was white, the 7th Circuit ruled.

     LOS ANGELES - Uncle Sam wants these defendants barred from preparing any more federal tax returns: Henock Teferi, Ruth Berhane, and Plover Financial Services dba Instant Tax Service; they run 30-plus tax kiosks in and around L.A., the USA says in Federal Court.

     FRESNO, Calif. - The U.S. Forest Service charges for a "Southern Sierra Pass" in Sequoia National Forest for sites that don't have all six amenities that justify the fee, a class action claims in Federal Court.

     LOS ANGELES - Row 1 Productions claims Georgia Film Fund Sixteen, and Randall Emmett/George Furla Productions defaulted on a $1.7 million bridge loan, plus $900,000 in interest, for a movie called "Motor City," in Superior Court.

     MANHATTAN - AT&T collected more than $800,000 from The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for 6 years of services at JFK Airport that it never provided, the Port Authority claims in Federal Court.

     LOS ANGELES - Independent Film Development Corp. claims these defendants defrauded it in a securities deal intended to raise money for its film distribution business: Junior Capital Inc., IndieBacking Corp., and Albert Aimers, in Federal Court.