SEATTLE - Edward Bylsma, a cop who nearly bit into a Burger King hamburger coated with an employee's spit can sue for emotional distress, the 9th Circuit ruled Tuesday, heeding orders from the Washington Supreme Court.

     MANHATTAN - Directors of Aspen University filed false statements with the SEC and accrediting officials and hurt shareholders in other ways, a class action claims in New York County Supreme Court.

     LOS ANGELES - Lexington Insurance Co. breached contract by claiming that larger, "Named Storm" deductibles apply to damages from Superstorm Sandy, which was downgraded before it hit New York City, the ARE-East River Science Park claims in Superior Court.

     SAN FRANCISCO - Daiichi Sankyo pharmaceuticals hires women as sales reps but refuses to promote women to top management, six women claim in a federal class action.

     INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Waggin' Train and Nestle Purina sell Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch dog treats that are "contaminated with poisonous antibiotics and other potentially lethal substances," a class action claims in Jackson County Court.

      QUEENS, N.Y. - North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System allowed unencrypted, sensitive information on "hundreds of patients" to be swiped from its computers, a class action claims in Queens County Supreme Court.

     MARTINEZ, Calif. - Mount Diablo Unified School District teacher Andrew Bruce Cottrell sexually abused a girl, and is in prison for it, the girl claims in Contra Costa County Court.

      TYLER, Texas - Express Card Systems claims Apple, Office Depot et al. violate a patent on a system for printing social expression cards in response to electronically transmitted orders, in five federal complaints.

      LOS ANGELES - Kurt Knutsson claims that KTLA, Tribune Broadcasting, et al. fired him as a tech reporter and then misappropriated his Kurt the Cyberguy persona on their websites, competing unfairly, in Superior Court.

     LOS ANGELES - MyMedicalRecords claims WebMD Health Corp. violates a patent on a method and system for providing online records, in Federal Court.

     DENVER - The SEC asked a federal judge to enforce a subpoena upon Projaris Management, which refuses to produce documents.

     ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Facebook and Addthis violate two Rembrandt Social Media patents on web diaries, Rembrandt claims in Federal Court.

      PHILADELPHIA - A steelworker claims the Steelworkers Health and Welfare Plan and ArcelorMittal USA refused to enroll his husband under his health plan, in violation of ERISA, in Federal Court.

     BROOKLYN - NYPD Det. Phillip Arkins shot Shantel Davis to death without cause on June 14, 2012, her mother claims in Kings County Supreme Court.

     DENVER - Ford's all-wheel drive 2013 Escape SE does not get the 22 mpg city and 30 mpg highway mileage of which Ford boasts, a class action claims in Federal Court.