BRONX, N.Y. - P.S. 106 Parkchester School assistant principal Joseph Ponzo sexually assaulted a girl on his campus, the girl's mom claims in Bronx County Supreme Court.

     CHICAGO - McDonald's refused to rein in its manager Alfonso Rojas, who demanded, and sometimes received, oral sex, four women claim in Cook County Court.

     KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - Provectus Pharmaceuticals gave 7.3 million stock options to four executives in two years, though the stock plan limits such grants to 100,000 per person per year, shareholders say in a derivative complaint in Knox County Court.

     PHILADELPHIA - Pearson Education is "built on a foundation of pervasive and willful copyright infringement" for which it has been sued at least 20 times, Jon Feingersh Photography says in a new claim in Federal Court.

     WILMINGTON, Del. - Motorola, Belkin and SMC Networks violate a voice over Internet protocol patent, Voice Integration Technologies claims in three federal complaints.

     TYLER, Texas - EMG Technology claims Foot Locker, Coach and Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn violate a wireless patent, in three federal complaints.

     MANHATTAN - Dozens of nursing homes say New York set illegally low rates for Medicaid reimbursements, in New York County Supreme Court.

     TUCSON - Pima Unified School District, in Graham County, Ariz., refused to renew a woman's teaching contract because she's Catholic and Mormons control the district, the woman claims in Federal Court.

     TRENTON, N.J. - The Rum Cake Fairy Dessert Co. claims its former attorney, Patricia Lawrence Kolaras, swiped its trademark and registered the domain to sell knockoff rum cakes, in Federal Court.

     HOUSTON - Citing Transocean's $1.4 billion settlement and loss of $13.7 billion in market cap since the Deepwater Horizon disaster, shareholders say Transocean had been cited repeatedly for faulty blowout preventers, in a derivative complaint in Harris County Court.

     SEATTLE - Alaska Airlines discriminated against a worker because he's Mormon, and the airline "favored homosexuals in the workplace," a man claims in King County Court.

     CHICAGO - Kmart/Sears makes hourly employees work off the clock and stiffs them for earned, vested vacation days, a class action claims in Federal Court.

     STOCKTON, Calif. - William Gamble and Marie Uong kept their import-export business, PRT Corp., in such a shambles that when it burned down two bodies were found in it, the San Joaquin County District Attorney claims in court.

     CINCINNATI - A woman claims bosses at Humana collected money for "school fund raisers," but spent it on themselves, and fired her for reporting it, in Hamilton County Court.