LOS ANGELES - General Atomics stiffed workers for overtime and minimum wages, a class action claims in Superior Court.

     BROOKLYN - Sky Medical Supply claims SCS Support Claims Services and a slew of doctors defrauded insurers of millions of dollars, in a federal RICO complaint.

     KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Chiefs Football Club fired its director of traffic because he's 53 years old, the man claims in Jackson County Court.

     LOS ANGELES - JP Morgan Chase Bank illegally sells customers "payment protection" insurance, though it knows they may not be eligible for benefits, a class action claims in Superior Court.

     STATESVILLE, N.C. - The Lincolntown Police Department strip searched and jailed a black woman for 80 days, though videotape shows that the suspect is white, the black woman claims in Federal Court.

     HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Aardvark's Answering Service / Automation Personnel Services cut the hours and fired a woman who complained about its requirement to memorize a weekly Bible verse, she claims in Federal Court.

     LOS ANGELES - Prudential Insurance claimed to have paid a life insurance policy to a man's relatives but never paid Dime One, a trustee claims in Federal Court.

     NEWARK - Planet Honda claims Star Performance Marketing, JJM Atlantic Automotive, a car dealer, et al., violated copyright on its "Planetman and Honda Boy" ads, who fight the "Evil Dealer," in Federal Court.

     BESSEMER, Ala. - Midfield, Ala., swiped money from a special property tax that's supposed to go to schools, the Midfield City Board of Education claims in Bessemer County Court.

     PORTLAND, Ore. - A Hamburger Mary's general manager sent an employee "lewd and vulgar text messages," including a photo of his "private parts," the woman claims in Multnomah County Court.

      OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma City Marriott failed to stop an employee from carrying a noose, drawing a picture of a monkey eating a watermelon and posting it on a bulletin board, and other racist acts, a black employee claims in Federal Court.

     ALEXANDRIA, Va. - New Majority California, a Republican group that claims it's trying to be inclusive, sued Virginia New Majority for trademark infringement, in Federal Court.

     SANTA BARBARA - AT&T Mobility let managers call an employee "Gay Boy," "Homo," and "Lady Gaga" on an assignment board, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing claims in Superior Court.

     TYLER, Texas - Uniloc claims Take-Two Interactive and others violate its software-registration patent, in six federal complaints.