PROVIDENCE - The SEIU Healthcare Union wants the Rhode Island Director of Health enjoined from declaring a "flu emergency" that would require workers to get vaccinations and wear surgical masks, under pain of punishment, in Superior Court.

     CHICAGO - A woman claims an attorney gave a sealed custody ruling in her divorce case to Illinois Divorce Digest, which published it, with embarrassing information about her, her ex, and their minor children in Cook County Court.

     CHICAGO - Chicago unconstitutionally punishes homeless sex offenders for failing to register their address, a class action claims in Federal Court.

     MANHATTAN - Cameron Thomaz pka Wiz Khalifa claims It's My Party and Seth Hurwitz canceled a concert on short notice and never paid him his advance; he demands $1 million, in New York County Supreme Court.

     MIAMI - Wi-Lan USA claims Apple and HTC violated a wireless signals-transmission patent, in separate federal complaints.

     LOS ANGELES - Dayspring International claims Laser Pacific Media lost its irreplaceable master production reels of the 1979 Indian film "Dayasagar," in Federal Court.