LOS ANGELES - ExxonMobil claims Southern California Edison owes it lots of money for repeatedly breaching its contract to supply electricity to the Torrance refinery that produces nearly 10 percent of the gas refined in California, in Federal Court.

     LOUISVILLE - U.S. Marshals in plainclothes and unmarked cars surrounded a family with guns drawn and shot and wounded a pregnant mom as the family looked for a hotel room, the family claims in Federal Court.

      MINEOLA, N.Y. - A negligence class action claims the Long Island Power Authority and National Grid USA Service Co. discussed hurricane preparation for just "40 seconds" at a pre-storm meeting, and did not communicate basic information to their customers, in Nassau County Court.

     NEW ORLEANS - Eight workers at The Shaw Group, a construction company, claim they have been threatened and racially harassed for years, with vile epithets and nooses at work, in Federal Court.

     CHICAGO - Trek Bicycle Corp. claims Subaru's "Crosstrek" autos violate trademark, in Federal Court.

     BOSTON - Lexington Luminance claims Amazon and Google violate a patent on a semiconductor light-emitting device and method of making it, in separate federal complaints.

      DALLAS - An African-American Muslim employee claims the Nova Charter School fired him on a pretext after its curriculum director called him "stupid" and said he was "going to hell" because he's not Christian, in Dallas County Court.

     WASHINGTON - A federal judge has finalized the text of corrective messages that tobacco companies must publish as part of their penalty for violating anti-racketeering law.

      SAN DIEGO - The California attorney general accuses the Crawford Smith Foundation, a nonprofit, of making self-dealing "loans" of $675,000 to its top officers, Stephen and Judith Smith, in Superior Court.

     HONOLULU - The United States created an illegal duopoly (nonparties Matson Navigation and Horizon Lines) in ocean shipping between Hawaii, Guam and the mid-Pacific, several businesses claim in a federal antitrust complaint.

     LOS ANGELES - Tina Sinatra caused an injury car crash while driving a Hertz rental car on Sept. 19, 2011 in L.A., Asaf Tzipori claims in Superior Court.

     CHICAGO - Joseph J. Hennessy, of Western Springs, Ill., took $6.9 million from customers and swiped at least $641,400 of it through his company, Resources Planning Group, the SEC claims in Federal Court.

     MANHATTAN - Federal prosecutors and the SEC claim Thomas Conradt and David Weishaus made $1 million from inside trading on (nonparties) IBM's acquisition of SPSS Inc., in separate federal complaints.

     LOS ANGELES - Stunt man Nuo Sun claims he was injured in an explosion in Bulgaria while filming "Expendables 2" for Millennium Films, in Superior Court.

     SACRAMENTO - An employee claims her boss, Dr. Dennis W. McKibben, a podiatrist, forced her to give him oral sex under threat of firing her, in Superior Court.