WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - The Harrison Funeral Home violated the federal funeral rule by not making price lists available to several prospective clients, the U.S. government claims in Federal Court.

     LOS ANGELES - Vintage Production California discharges polluted storm water from its Rincon Grubb oil field into creeks that meet the Pacific Ocean, the Environmental Defendse Center claims in Federal Court.

     PORTLAND, Ore. - Nautilus Insurance says in court that it should not have to cover legal fees related to the alleged psychological abuse of children at Mount Bachelor Educational Center.

     LOUISVILLE, Ky. - A couple says in court that their Bird Brain ceramic fire pot exploded into a fireball, scorching the surrounding area and people, when they used it with "pourable eco-gel fuel" manufactured by NHG Liquidation.

     LUXEMBOURG - L'Oreal and Helena Rubinstein cannot register trademarks for the words "botolist" and "botocyl," respectively, for their cosmetic products because such marks would benefit from the reputation of Allergan's Botox, the EU Court of Justice affirmed Thursday.

     PHILADELPHIA - EResearch Technology is selling itself too cheaply to Genstar, as the company's stock price has doubled in the last six months, a class claims in court.