MILWAUKEE - The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin claims Milwaukee's Ordinance 370 illegally "provides race-based preferences in city contracts to some minority-owned businesses but not others," in Milwaukee County Court.

     NASHVILLE - Dozens of businesses and insurers, including the Grand Old Opry and Gibson Guitars, claim the USA caused or created the devastating May 2010 flood by mismanaging Old Hickory Dam and Reservoir, in a plethora of federal complaints.

     HOUSTON - Eight black workers claim National Oil Well Varco tolerates violent racist graffiti and racist behavior in the workplace, in Federal Court.

     MARSHALL, Texas - Rotatable Technologies claims Acer, Adobe, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and others violate a patent on a "Display Method for Selectively Rotating Windows on a Computer Display," used in Adobe Acrobat, Android OS software and elsewhere, in Federal Court.

     WILMINGTON, Del. - Catalyst Health Solutions is selling itself too cheaply to SXC Health Solutions, for $4.4 billion, or $28 and two-thirds of a share of SXC stock for each Catalyst share, shareholders say in a class action in Chancery Court.

     HOUSTON - Rehak Creative Services and its owner claim state Senate candidate Ann Witt and her campaign defamed them by claiming Rehak got a state contract through political corruption, in Harris County Court.

     NASSAU, N.Y. - BSI LLC claims Iron Mountain Inc., Denis Zervos and Ethos Cinema Corp. have the feature film, "The Shore," which BSI owns, and wants delivered, in Nassau County Supreme Court.

     MANHATTAN - Directors subjected Sprint Nextel to hundreds of millions of dollars in liability by underpaying New York taxes for years, shareholders say in a derivative complaint in New York County Supreme Court.

     MIAMI - Former head football coach Randy Shannon, whom the University of Miami fired in November 2010, claims the school is paying him "just under five-sixths" of what he's due for the 3 years of his unexpired contract, in Miami-Dade County Court.

     LOS ANGELES - George Clooney and Julia Roberts claim Digital Production Inc. and Beyond Audio used their photos in magazine and Internet ads without permission, in Superior Court.

     SANTA ANA, Calif. - Motocross champion Jeremy McGrath claims, PC Investments, Aero Motorsports, Matt Cook and Ryan Poelman owe him more than $1 million in sponsorship fees, in Superior Court.

     OKLAHOMA CITY - Taxpayers sued Gov. Mary Fallin, claiming SB 331 illegally increased from 10 to 100 the number of signatures required to file a qui tam complaint against the state, protecting government corruption from being exposed, in Oklahoma County Court.

     CHICAGO - A widower claims Organon's NuvaRing contraceptive killed his wife by giving her a pulmonary embolism; this is the 187th lawsuit in the CNS database involving NuvaRing since Jan. 1, 2011.

     ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Darlene Nelson Powell, 53, of Arizona, and Robert Eldridge, 70, of Fallon, Nev., misrepresented themselves as expert securities traders to sell and recommend products and services, the SEC claims in Federal Court.