PORTLAND, Ore. - A high school football player suffered traumatic brain injury because his coaches at Sherwood High School let him play after suffering a concussion, without a medical release, the boy's conservator claims in Multnomah County Court.

     SEATTLE - A girl, now 19, says she was 16 when the Community Counseling Institute and Washington State allowed her to be placed in the home of a "counselor" with a history of domestic violence, drugs and other red flags, who then had sex with her in his home, in King County Court.

     OAKLAND, Calif. - A dependent adult and his mother claim the man's psychotherapist at Alameda County Medical Center, Maria Santos Arriola, had sex with him repeatedly, in Alameda County Court.

     SEATTLE - Xerox and its affiliates LiveBridge and Affiliated Computer Services make employees work off the clock and stiff them for overtime, a worker claims in a federal class action.

     OKLAHOMA CITY - Five women say they were sexually abused on mandatory inmate job assignments at the Oklahoma Governor's Mansion, in Federal Court.

     DENVER - Potter Voice Technologies claims Apple's "Siri" iPhone feature, and features on Motorola, Google, and others' devices violate its patent on a "Method and Apparatus for Controlling a Digital Computer Using Oral Input," in Federal Court.

     CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - A federal class action claims that Berkshire Hathaway, which owns co-defendant CBT International, misrepresent the power and efficaciousness of their power-sweep augers for grain unloading.

     SAN JOSE - Apple double-charges customers for songs they buy from its iTunes store, a customer claims in a class action in Santa Clara County Court.

     LOS ANGELES - Mark Spitz, Greg Louganis and Jackie Joyner-Kersee are among 18 Olympic athletes who claim that Samsung misappropriated their names and likenesses to plug its Facebook application called the Samsung Olympic Genome Project, in Superior Court.

     SAN JOSE - A federal judge dismissed allegations of exclusionary agreements, misappropriated trade secrets and unfair competition against Microsoft, Apple, Sonic Solutions and Sony, giving plaintiff MedioStream one month to amend.

     WILMINGTON, Del. - In a derivative complaint in Chancery Court, a shareholder claims Wal-Mart directors hurt shareholders by a massive bribery scheme and coverup which was exposed in the Sunday, April 22, New York Times.

     WEST PALM BEACH - A patron claims a bouncer at the Rum Bar at Panama Hattie's told her, "You're not leaving until you give me a kiss," to which she responded, "F--- you," upon which he broke her elbow, in Palm Beach County Court.

     INDIO, Calif. - A patient claims he was injured when the Eisenhower Imaging Center, of Rancho Mirage, infused him with another patient's blood rather than his own, in Riverside County Court.

     KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - A man claims that when he entered Electronics Tech in Knoxville, three men tied him to a chair and beat him with a baseball bat and other weapons for three hours, in Knox County Court.