CHICAGO - A worker claims his boss at SMS Assist harassed him at work by, among other things, taking control of his computer and making an ineradicable "Fuck You" appear on it, in Cook County Court.

     FAIRFIELD, Calif. - Chicken farmers who have owned their rural property for decades claim Solano County will drive them out of business by enforcing a new law that limits them to just "four crowing fowl," in Solano County Court.

     MANHATTAN - Antoine Brown sued New York City and four police officers, claiming they shot him, an innocent bystander, while "shooting an astounding 46 bullets into a crowd of over 150 people at a block party" on Aug. 8, 2010, in New York County Supreme Court.

     LOS ANGELES - Joel Wertman claims Five Platters Inc., Valcom Inc. et al. owe him $152,700 for remastering and distributing CDs of The Platters, whose big hit was "Only You," in Superior Court.

     LOS ANGELES - Starbucks stiff assistant managers for overtime pay, a class action claims in Superior Court.

     SAN DIEGO - A woman claims in Superior Court that San Diego police Officer Anthony Arevalos falsely arrested her for DUI, told her "that if she did something for him of a sexual nature, he would release her," and that the city knew he had a history of this, for which he was later convicted.

     PASADENA, Calif. - Because Santa Barbara County has an easement on a stretch of highway running through Vandenberg Air Force Base, the 9th Circuit on Wednesday vacated the trespassing convictions against John Apel, who had been barred from the property.

     CHICAGO - Movie renters can file a second amended complaint against Redbox after the 7th Circuit dismissed their privacy claims, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.

     LOS ANGELES - Oaktree Entertainment claims the Philip K. Dick estate failed to protect Dick's copyright in the story "Adjustment Team," on which Oaktree based its movie "The Adjustment Bureau," Dick's heirs' claims notwithstanding, in Federal Court.

     BOSTON - An investor claims Dominion Christian Church, of Brockton, and its president Alexander Hurt, of Dover, Mass., owe it $232,000 for supposed investments in Ugandan gold, in Federal Court.