LOS ANGELES - Dennis Morris claims Something Sacred Inc. and Jonathan Broyles are selling copies of his copyrighted photo of Sid Vicious, in Federal Court.

     LOUISVILLE - A family blames Louisville Gas and Electric Co. for a Dec. 6, 2011 gas line explosion that destroyed their home, in Jefferson County Court.

     ABILENE, Texas - Gerald Ewing claims Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant posted a mural featuring "a 6-foot tall reproduction of one of his bestselling photographs, a rare and stunning action shot of Chicago Bears' Wide Receiver, Johnny Knox, playing a college football game," in a federal copyright complaint.

     BROOKLYN - A medical assistant claims Dr. Buddhadev Manvar sexually assaulted her at work "on many occasions" and "often ... attempt(ed) to rape" her, in Kings County Court.

     SAN FRANCISCO - Pupgear Corp. claims Pooch Pad Products' "Pooch Pad" indoor dog john violates patent on Pupgear's "Pup Head," in Federal Court.

     MONTREAL - The Universite De Montreal wants the Federation Des Associations Etudiantes Du Campus De L'Universite De Montreal enjoined from continuing its allegedly disruptive protests against tuition hikes, in Superior Court.

     SACRAMENTO - The Sierra Club and others challenged the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's approval of rights of way to the North Sky River Wind Energy Project - 100 wind turbines on 12,781 acres of private land that requires access across public lands - claiming the giant turbines will hurt migratory and endangered birds, including the California condor, in Federal Court.

     MISSOULA, Mont. - The Cottonwood Environmental Law Center and others challenge Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's "warranted but precluded" ruling on whether the wolverine (gulo gulo) should be protected under the Endangered Species Act, in Federal Court.

     MILWAUKEE - Nazir Al-Mujaahid claims Milwaukee and the Milwaukee County district attorney won't give him his gun back after he foiled an armed robbery by shooting a robber with it, in Federal Court.

     AUSTIN - Texas and 14 other states claim Penguin Group, MacMillan, Simon & Schuster, and Apple conspired to fix prices on eBooks, in a federal antitrust complaint.

     SAN ANTONIO - The American Federation of Musicians Local 23 claims the San Antonio Opera defaulted on a settlement ordering it to pay $1,000 apiece to 46 employees, in Federal Court.

     CHICAGO - A Chicago cop shot to death a 6-month-old puppy after its family warned the cop not to open their front door or the puppy would run away; he did and it did and the cop shot it, the family claims in Federal Court.

     SAN FRANCISCO - The Estate of James Marshall claims Sony Music Entertainment copied Marshall's photo of Johnny Cash at San Quentin Prison and sold stuff bearing the photo, in a federal copyright complaint.

     WASHINGTON - Judicial Watch demands the Department of Homeland Security deliver documents on the Aug. 25, 2011 arrest of President Obama's uncle, Onyango Obama, in a federal FOIA complaint.