MANASSAS, Va. - Two women claim in separate complaints that Dr. Nizar Hussain assaulted and battered them in his examination room, in Prince William County Court.

     SAN DIEGO - Eight people claim Metropolitan Interpreters and Translators made them take polygraph exams administered by the U.S. DEA, and fired them for "failing the polygraph test, having an inconclusive test result, or refusing to submit to the examination," in Federal Court.

     HARTFORD - A woman who had surgery for prolapsed pelvic organs claims Dr. Edwin Njoku insisted "that he must be the first to have sexual intercourse with her after the surgery," and gave her painkillers "to entice her to have sexual intercourse," in Superior Court.

     LINCOLN, Neb. - Nebraska sued the United States in Federal Court, challenging federal programs "that would compel religious organizations and social agencies to subsidize contraception and sterilization services that are contrary to their religious beliefs."

     SANTA ANA, Calif. - A class action claims the St. Joseph Health System and five of its hospitals exposed 32,000 patients' medical information on the Internet, in Orange County Court.

     MANHATTAN - SAIC and three of its top officers inflated its share price through false and misleading statements, a shareholding pension plan claims in a federal class action.