LUFKIN, Texas - A married couple claims the City of Center sent "gun-toting intruders" who "ransacked the house" for half an hour, until they realized they were at the wrong address, in Federal Court.

     WILMINGTON, Del. - Pragmatus claims Research in Motion's mobile phones and Playbook tablets violate four of its patents.

     MANHATTAN - Georgianna Savas, sister of the late New York Expressionist painter Theodoros Stamos, claims Zacharias Georgiou Portalakis refuses to return her brother's art to her, in a $15 million claim in Federal Court.

     MINNEAPOLIS - A vending machine supplier claims a franchisee stocked its machines with unapproved items, including "'Horny Goat Weed,' an herbal aphrodisiac," in Federal Court.

     WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Tuesday vacated six different circuit decisions involving the registration concerns for sex offenders convicted before enactment of a 2006 federal law.
     Last month, in Reynolds v. United States, the high court said the attorney general must make a specific finding in these cases.
     Six cases were vacated in this vein on Tuesday. They are: Bruce Gagnon v. United States, Michael DiTomasso v. United States, Jonathon P. Curry v. United States, Ross A. Fuller v. United States, William E. Mefford v. United States, Carl E. Lucas v. United States.

     WILMINGTON, Del. - A federal class action claims Google circumvented privacy settings on (nonparty) Apple's Safari web browser, violating users' privacy.

     FORT LAUDERDALE - Omeranz & Landsma Corp. claims it bought the Miami Marlins Baseball Club fka the Florida Marlins for $10 million at a Feb. 8, 2008 auction, and the team refused to complete the sale, in Broward County Court.

     MANHATTAN - The United States claims that Bank of New York Mellon defrauded its "standing instruction" foreign-exchange service clients of $1.5 billion since 2001 by playing games with the spread, in an amended federal complaint.

     JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Voters claim Florida's 2012 congressional redistricting is politically biased, in Leon County Court.

     EDMONTON, Alberta - The Alberta Wilderness Association and others asked a federal judge to order Canada's Minister of Environment to protect the greater sage grouse, under the Species at Risk Act.