Suing Apple

     ROCHESTER, N.Y. - Eastman Kodak claims Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod touch violate four patents on electronic cameras. Kodak sued HTC Corp. in a separate, similar complaint.

Pro Sports

     CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Champion Pro Consulting Group claims Impact Sports Football conspired to interfere with its contract with first-round NFL draft pick Robert Quinn.

Rather Alarming

      PORTLAND, Ore. - Two women claim Mid-Columbia Medical Center anesthesiologist Dr. Frederick Field sexually abused them after anesthetizing them.

Medical Malpractice

     VENTURA, Calif. - A woman claims a man on drugs smashed into her car at 90 mph, rolling it, and that HCA dba Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center then confused his blood tests with hers, leading to false billings and false medical records.

Bail Bonds

     BATON ROUGE - A woman claims an employee of Wright Choice Bail Bonds shot her in the face in her own bathroom while looking for someone who was not in her home.


     WEST PALM BEACH - The SEC says Imperiali Inc., Daniel Imperato, Charles Fiscina, and Lawrence A. O'Donnell took $2.5 million from investors by selling Imperiali stock though it was "just a shell corporation, having virtually no assets or operations," whose "subsidiaries were worthless or, in some cases, even nonexistent."


     INDIANAPOLIS - Uncle Sam says Triad Mining is polluting the air and the White River.

Bank Bankruptcy

     CHICAGO - The ShoreBank Corp., holding company for defunct ShoreBank, filed for bankruptcy, listing $19.2 million in assets and $63.5 million in debts.