Music Biz

     PHILADELPHIA - Max Warren claims Cameron Thomaz pka Wiz Khalifa, Rostrum Records, Atlantic Recording Corp. et al. violated copyright on his tune "Pink N Yellow" with the ditty "Black and Yellow."


     CHEYENNE, Wyo. - An anti-abortion group claims the Wyoming Building Commission illegally refused to let it erect displays in the state Capitol's Herschler Gallery.

Day Care Abuse

     BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - A mother claims Robert Eugene Frost, owner of Christian's Daycare and Learning Academy, sexually abused her "very young" daughter at the business.

Fluor Corp.

     BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - A father claims his 23-year-old son died of exposure to anhydrous ammonia while working for Fluor at a Southern Co. / Alabama Power Co. plant in Quinton, Ala.

British Medical Journal

     AUSTIN, Texas - Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield claims The British Medical Journal defamed him in an article, "Secrets of the MMR Scare," and editorials.

PT Cruiser

     MARYSVILLE, Calif. - A couple claim they were seriously injured because Chrysler's PT Cruiser makes occupants "more susceptible to spinal injuries than persons in vehicles designed and constructed to protect occupants from rear-end collisions."

Movie Rentals

     LAS VEGAS - A federal class action against Coinstar, which owns Redbox, claims the company sent the lead plaintiff an email saying he could keep a movie he rented from Redbox for an extra day for free, then charged him for it.

Movie Bankruptcy

     MANHATTAN - Inverness Distribution Ltd. aka Morgan Creek International filed for bankruptcy, listing more than $50 million in debts.

Bumbo Baby Sitter

     VICTORIA, Texas - Parents claim their child suffered a fracture skull falling out of Bumbo International's Bumbo Baby Sitter, which has been recalled as unsafe.


     LINCOLN, Neb. - An immigration detainee claims the Cass County Sheriff's Office refused to provide her with medical attention after she was sexually assaulted and beaten in jail, telling her, "Immigration doesn't pay for that."


     MANHATTAN - Paleontologist Brian Cooley claims Penguin Group, Getty Images, Corbis and others violated copyright on his "world renowned ... sculptures of dinosaur eggs."


     SAN JOSE - Quanta Computer claims Advanced Micro Devices interfered with and breached contracts by providing faulty RS600ME chips, and fraudulently inducing Quanta to buy them.


     SAN DIEGO - EchoStar Technologies claims Vicxon Corp. and its president Soo Jong Yeo, of Korea, make and sell "receivers, dongles and piracy software" that circumvent the Dish Network security system.