Scottie Pippen

     CHICAGO - Former Bulls standout Scottie Pippen claims Comcast and General Electric, owners of NBC Universal, owner of defamed him and cost him endorsements by falsely reporting that he has filed for bankruptcy.

Legal Website

     LOUISVILLE - Paul Schurman claims Reed Elsevier "hijacked" his website to make it redirect people to Elsevier's site.


     LOS ANGELES - Gerald Morawski claims James Cameron and Lightstorm Entertainment swiped "Avatar" from a pitch he made to them in 1991, for a movie called "Guardians of Eden." Another writer made a similar claim last week.

Movie Biz

     CHICAGO - Lakeshore Drive Entertainment Group sued Prestige Films for $1.5 million and punitive damages in a dispute over distribution rights to the movie, "Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer."

Agent Sues Talent

     MIAMI - William Morris Endeavor Entertainment claims Spanish-language soccer announcer Andres Cantor and his company, Futbol De Primera, owe it commissions for their 5-year deal with Telemundo.

Police Abuse

     CHICAGO - The late Darrin Hanna's family claims City of North Chicago cops beat and Tasered him for 20 minutes after he was handcuffed, killing him.


     HOUSTON - Crazy Hotel Assisted Living claims Newspaper Holdings Inc. defamed it in an article in the Mineral Wells Index that accused the hotel of "elder abuse."

Arsenic & Lead

     OAKLAND, Calif. - A federal class action claims Walgreens 100% Grape Juice and Walgreens 100% Apple Juice "contain significant levels of arsenic and lead."


     ALBUQUERQUE - The NAACP claims Albuquerque has a pattern and practice of paying black employees less than white ones, harassing and intimidating them and denying them promotions.


     WILMINGTON, Del. - Cequint claims Apple iPhone with the iOS 5.0 operating system violate two of its patents.

Consumer Class Action

     NEWARK - A class action claims Procter & Gamble falsely advertises that its Crest Sensitivity toothpaste provides relief from tooth sensitivity pain "within minutes."

Google-Motorola Merger

     BRUSSELS - The European Union's executive body has called a halt to its antitrust investigation of Google's plans to acquire Motorola Mobility, pending access to certain documents about the merger.