WASHINGTON - Hormel Foods cannot sue the U.S. Department of Agriculture over a labeling scheme that lets competing brands describe their products as "natural," even though the products contain preservatives, a federal judge ruled.

Conspiracy Theories

     WASHINGTON - A federal judge dismissed a federal RICO complaint alleging that Dow Chemical and others used corporate espionage to thwart environmental campaigns launched by Greenpeace.

Archie Bell

     HOUSTON - Archie Bell, founder of the Drells, who dance just as good as they walk, claims Philadelphia International Records and Gamble-Huff Productions shorted him on royalties.

San Diego Police

     SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Police Department tolerates a sexist workplace where women are referred to as "sugar tits," victims of sexual assault are referred to as "whores, sluts and liars," sexual photos of young girls are openly displayed, and intensified the harassment of a veteran officer for objecting to it, the officer says.

Patent Infringement

     MARSHALL, Texas - Versata Software can collect $328 million, plus $63 million in prejudgment interest, for patent infringement from SAP AG, a German company that makes business software, and its American subsidiary, a federal magistrate judge ruled.

For-Profit College

     LOUISVILLE - A shareholder claims that Sullivan University "hoarded assets at an unreasonable rate," and "failed to make proper distributions to shareholders."


     CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - Refinery Terminal Fire Co., the largest nonprofit industrial firefighting group in the nation, stiffs workers for overtime, according to a federal class action.

Twitter Trademark

     SAN FRANCISCO - Twitter claims Twittad's "Let Your Ad Meet Tweets" slogan is freeloading off of Twitter's "tweet" trademark and name recognition.


     MILWAUKEE - A patient claims Dr. Jeffrey Adamczak, a psychotherapist, had sex with her while treating her.

Cops ❤ Tasers

     PORTLAND, Ore. - Benton County and City of Philomath police officers invaded a family's privacy as they bathed in their backyard hot tub and Tasered the "half-naked" husband needlessly, the family says in Federal Court.

Tech Patent

     WILMINGTON, Del. - GTZM Technology Ventures claims Atlantic Broadband Finance, Comcast, Cox Communications, Time Warner, Vonage and others violate its patent on a telephone modem.

Election Spending

     RALEIGH, N.C. - Anti-abortion groups claim a North Carolina law that triggers release of matching funds to judicial candidates burdens their speech, i.e., campaign contributions.