Taco Bell Meat

     LOS ANGELES - A class action claims Taco Bell deceptively advertises its meat products, failing to tell customers the "meat filling ... consists mostly of non-meat substances such as extenders and binders," in Superior Court. The class claims that less than 40% of the "meat" is actually meat.


     SAN JOSE - The Canadian city of Summerside claims Katrina Berg Sussmeier and Starlink Productions bilked it for $1.3 million for a bogus "Official Michael Jackson Celebration/Tribute Show," starring nonparties Beyonce, Usher and others, which Sussmeier knew would never take place.

Merck Class Action

     VANCOUVER, B.C. - A class action claims Merck failed to warn men that its Propecia and Proscar hair-loss drugs can cause depression and sexual dysfunction.

NBA Star

     MILWAUKEE - Pak's Jewelers claims Atlanta Hawks star Joe Johnson owes it $74,400, in Milwaukee County Court.

American Express

     CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. - Kroger, Safeway, Albertson's, A&P and other grocery chains filed a federal antitrust complaint against American Express, challenging its anti-steering rules that prevent the stores from suggesting customers use a card that will cost the stores less.

Mario Andretti

     PHILADELPHIA - Andretti IV claims Power Sports Factory owes the Andretti family - Mario, John and Jeff - thousands of dollars for using their names to promote its Chinese motorcycles and motor scooters.

iPhone 4 Class Action

     LOS ANGELES - A class action claims Apple sells its iPhone 4 knowing it's defective because its glass panels break after reasonable use, in Superior Court.

Pro Boxing

     MANHATTAN - Heavyweight Shannon Briggs claims Gregory Cohen, Shelly Finkel, Barry Honig and The Empire Sports and Entertainment Co. cheated him of money from his bout against Vitali Klitschko.

New York Knicks

     MANHATTAN - Arthur Rondeau claims Allan Houston and the New York Knicks disparaged him and denied him "due credit and recognition for highly successful peak performance coaching Rondeau provided to Houston at various times in 1999 and 2000."

Golf Range-Finder

     OLATHE, Kan. - Brett Ricky claims Garmin International stole his trade secrets for a GPS rangefinder for golfers, breached contract and defrauded him to sell his invention as the "Approach G5."

John Coltrane

     SAN FRANCISCO - Jazz Casual Productions claims Toby Byron violated its copyright to make "videograms," including "The World According to John Coltrane," and one on Count Basie.

Hip-Hop World

     MANHATTAN - A&M Entertainment claims it paid $125,000 down to hire the rapper Akon for a show in Singapore, but the defendants canceled and never returned the money. A&M sued American Talent Agency, Mateo Productions, Raymond "Twin" Grant, Matthew "Mateo" Rajkumar, and Kon Live Touring aka Konvict Muzik.

Bail Bonds

     HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - James Baugh, owner of 1 Hour Bail Bonds, shot a man in the back of the head with a shotgun, killing him, after the late Danny Moore had been handcuffed and forced to the ground, his estate claims in Madison County Court.


     COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Lookout Mountain Mining and Milling Co., and Silver Bowl, Inc. polluted Northern Idaho, the USA and Coeur D'Alene Tribe say in Federal Court.

No Fair, Repeaters Say

     NASHVILLE - A class action challenges Tennessee's new DUI law that says people with prior DUI convictions who are arrested again on drunk-driving charges "shall not be released" unless the court determines they are "not a danger to the community." The class claims that's unconstitutional.

Shareholder Class Action

     SEATTLE - Coinstar's CEO, CFO and COO inflated the company's share price through false and misleading statements, and the price dropped 27 percent in a day when the truth came out, shareholders say in Federal Court.