World Cup

      The United States Soccer Federation wants TSA Stores enjoined from broadcasting a commercial on TV and the Internet during World Cup competition showing the USSF trademarked logos, in Chicago Federal Court.


     A patient claims Dr. Dean Woodard had "forced sexual intercourse" with her while she was "heavily sedated" by the drugs he gave her, in Prince William County Court, Md.

Morgan Chase

     Morgan Chase Bank and Chase Home Finance made homebuyers buy more flood insurance than they needed and more than required by law, a class action claims in Manhattan Federal Court.


     A customer claims Gopala Kudambari locked her into the BP Gas Station where he worked, dba A&R Petroleum, and sexually assaulted her, in Jackson County Court, Kansas City, Mo.

Phillie Phanatic

     The Philadelphia Phillies' mascot, the Phillie Phanatic, stepped on a woman's thighs while climbing through the stands at a Reading Phillies Minor League game, exacerbating her arthritis and necessitating knee replacements, the woman claims in Philadelphia state court.


     A student claims she was sexually assaulted "by David L. Holland, a police safety officer" at Philippa Schuyler Middle School. She sued New York City and its Department of Education, in Kings County Court, Brooklyn.


     Sotheby's accuses Sotheby's Moving & Storage of trademark violations, in Manhattan Federal Court.

JP Morgan

      JP Morgan Chase Bank did not inform Essecare that the penalty for paying off a $700,000 mortgage early would be $167,000, Essecare claims in Bergen County Court, Hackensack, N.J.


     Matthew Jennings, of Yorba Linda, used his Anaheim Hills-based Westmoore Management companies to run a $33 million Ponzi scheme, the SEC claims in Santa Ana, Calif., Federal Court.


     The family of the late Jeremy Glascock claims he died of kidney failure because Freeport/McMoran Copper & Gold used Bauxsol to neutralize the acid water runoff from its mining operations, in Yavapai County Court, Ariz.