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Thursday, October 09, 2008Last Update: 5:59:55 PM


     Vintage Sports Cards is selling repackaged Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards with counterfeit "rare cards," Konami Corp. says in a trademark and copyright complaint in Los Angeles Federal Court. The cards are based on manga, or comic books, which are wildly popular in Japan.


     Attorney Roy Den Hollander claims radio talk show hose James Joseph Norton defamed him in an interview on the "Opie and Anthony" show. He demands $500,000 in New York County Court.

Consumer Class Action

     Roadtrips cheated customers nationwide by selling "guaranteed" tickets to the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies and failing to produce them, a class action claims in Houston Federal Court.
     LifeLock faces another class action accusing it of fraudulently pushing its alleged ID theft protection services, in Denver Federal Court.

Patent & Trademark

     MetroPCS, Centennial Communications, Leap Wireless, Cricket Communications and others violate patents on wireless emergency (E911) devices, EMSAT Advanced Geo-Location Technology claims in Marshall, Texas, Federal Court.
     OPSEC Security claims Moore Wallace North America, and R.R. Donnelley & Sons violate patent on "tamper evident" paper used, for example, for vehicle registrations, in Pittsburgh Federal Court.
     Service Reminder claims Mercedes-Benz violates patent on its "maintenance alert cluster with memory," in Newark Federal Court.


     Safeco insurance cheats policyholders by depreciating nondepreciable items, according to a class action in Tucson Federal Court.


     Brothers David and Wayne Smith ran a Ponzi scheme through Hallmark Bank & Trust, Olint TCI Corp., and Overseas Locket International Corp., 20 plaintiffs claim in Kings County Court, Brooklyn.

Shareholder Class Action

     Directors of Perini Corp. dumped millions of dollars of shares at prices inflated by the company's dishonest financial statements, shareholders say in Middlesex County Court, Woburn, Mass.
     Biovail Corp. inflated its share price through false and misleading statements, shareholders claim in Manhattan Federal Court.
     Shareholders say Irex Corp. and its directors sold them out to shamelessly enrich themselves and other insiders in the merger with North Lime Holdings Corp., in Philadelphia Federal Court.


     Employees filed a class action against TSKsystems, in San Diego Federal Court.
     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations also have been filed against these defendants in these courts: Bantek West. Om Sacramento Superior Court; Gate Gourmet, and Washington Garment Dyeing & Finishing, in Los Angeles Superior Court; George S. May International Co., in Alameda County Court, Oakland; ARD Distributors, and Premium Plumbing, in Tampa Federal Court; and Tri Staffing, Elwood Tri, and Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, in a single complaint in Anniston Federal Court.


     Comfort Co. and affiliates filed for bankruptcy in Delaware, listing more than $100 million in debts.